Kids Vs Film

A little bit of what I do at work. Kids Vs Film is one of the first local productions by Discovery Kids, and one that we are really proud of and one that I hope Suri will be able to participate in when she’s old enough.

48 kids aged 8-12 years old learnt how to produce a 2 min documentary under the guidance of hosts-mentors Oli Pettigrew and Mohini Sule Pathak, and a Discovery production crew. They trooped all over Singapore to understudy firemen, costal guards, learnt about rescue dogs, street culture even molecular gastronomy. But more importantly, Kids Vs Film is a lesson in media literacy. The Exec Producer’s intention was to teach kids how to make sense of visuals, to understand how messages or stories are communicated and how agendas are set in an increasingly multi-social-media world. So before you dismiss the iPhone or computer as weapons of social destruction, perhaps empower your kids by teaching them how to make use of available technology and media tools thoughtfully and responsibly.

Catch Kids Vs Film from June 1 🙂

Here’s a sneak peak of our press event.