I finally got off my arse and planned a surprise birthday party for Hansel after 5 years of being together. Yup. Set your expectations low and then pull off a hat trick that will buy you ‘credit’ for the next 5 years!

I’m so glad plans went smoothly thanks to my dad and mum for the decoy messages and friends who kept quiet even though Hans was calling out everyone to join him for a climbing session at OnSight. The birthday package rocked and was well worth it because it includes 3 hours of climb, equipment and instructors to assist. They organize kids birthday parties here too, perfect for little restless monkeys.

Suri had a grand time crawling around the mat while everyone hit the walls around her.

Angle & Cindy’s first time as spider women. Even my 7 & 5 year old nieces joined in the fun and kicked ass!

Thank you Mel for capturing all the fun moments!

Baby Julian

We’ve followed the journey of Gerald and Wendy’s relationship from the evening they were introduced, to a contrived bbq when G and us were ex-neighbours, to the day of they were announced husband and wife. And now with the blessed arrival of baby Julian 🙂 Thank you Wendy for the pics!



on a separate note, Suri is 9 months this month (July 2012).



Suri and the Gardens

We visited Gardens by the Bay with Suri and my Mother-in-law on a weekday in order to avoid the crowds and had a lovely wander about the cool, air-conditioned domes. It’s a tat artificial but hey would you rather the Government spend $1billion on another Integrated Resort or this?  It’s stroller and wheelchair friendly with lots of space for kids to go crazy and this is one place we’ll come back to visit again, especially when Suri can run about. If you’re planning the same, go grab the annual pass.

our little koala 

I felt and looked like the baobab tree when I was preggers with Suri.

Cousins reunite at Stranger’s Reunion

Someone pointed out recently, “so if you and Hans are both only child’s, that means Suri will have no cousins.”

Well…we never thought of it that way until now. Thank goodness for second cousins, Lizzie, Sasa and another one on the way 🙂

Welcome back home Kaif and Sarah!


on a separate note, Strangers’ Reunion was not pram friendly but we managed to to squeeze a meet up with 10 adults and 4 kids. Places with sofa seating rock for mothers and their busy monkeys.