Suri Sophie Tan

Suri was baptized on Sunday June 24, 2012 by Father Ho, the same Father who married us on June 27, 2009. We did a joint-baptism with Charlotte since both Suri and her share the same godmother. We had 8+ months to select a middle name for Suri only to pick one at the last hour when we had to submit the application form and picked Sophie, partly because of her favourite toy but mostly because it means ‘wisdom’.

Guess who the proud godmother is!

someone was not happy when her hair got messed up 

Suri’s grandparents – their expressions say it all 

Saturday morning cuppa at nylon


We first met coffee roasters and baristas Dennis and Jia Min at Papa Palheta some time ago before I was preggers. We made frequent trips there because of the great coffee, the quaint space and the personalised service.  I remember a conversation when they shared their passion for great coffee and dream of opening a coffee shop of sorts, and look where they are now with Nylon Coffee Roasters. This is something I will share with Suri – believe in yourself, follow your heart and it will lead you to great places.

A weekend in pictures

sometimes i feel squeezed for time and wish we had more hours in the day to spend time with our loved ones. every weekend is packed filled with activities with suri, hansel, family and friends. i think you’d agree with me that every precious second counts.

as always, i’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Claire bear

Suri was invited over for a play date in the east with Claire, the spunky little daughter of triathlon buddies Col and Lin. We always pick up handy tips from Lin the teacher who’s very forth coming with advice on learning tools and tactics -thank you!

It’s great to have friends for company when you transition into a different phase of life.