snip snip snip

Never thought I’d get sentimental about Suri’s first hair cut but here I was, snapping photos of her trimmed fine hair that had fallen onto the ground. GOOD GRIEF CHING GET A GRIP. Anyway. We opted to trim her fringe at home and Hans was tasked with the scissors because I couldn’t bear to snip and slip up. So now her fringe is slightly shorter but just as spunky as she is.

before shot – morning bed hair 

After her fringe trim – she had to mess it up a little

Strength in numbers

Weekends are for social catch ups with friends and their bubs. I now understand why parents with kids hang out with each other. It’s so that we can talk unabashedly about our babies and share honest truths about parenting. It’s group therapy.



Hello to chubby Christian and gorgeous Beverly 🙂

B is for books

I remember looking forward to visits at Queenstown Library with my parents where I would max out my limit with books like B is for Besty. I believe those book runs nurtured my interest for reading and now that I’m a parent, I look to do the same with Suri. We read to Suri every evening as part of her bedtime routine and hope to instill some sense of affection for tactile books before she gets caught up with the iPad and apps.

Board books, tiny books and textured books work really well for clumsy fingers and curious taste buds because every book must pass the ‘taste’ test. Pat gifted Suri ‘Someday‘ (one of many books), a simple but carefully worded storyline that made me tear when I read it to Suri – I would specially recommended for mothers’ with daughters.

Dr. Seuss never grows old and it’s twice as fun when you read it out aloud as an adult. This is Suri’s most favourite book because of the fish toys she can munch on while thumping her fists against the colourful board pages.

I’m grateful for friends and fellow book lovers who have gifted wonderful story books. Please share your favourite kids titles with me so that I can add them to her growing book collection 🙂