good morning 7am

Suri knocks out promptly at 8pm and wakes up by 7am – on most days. We’ve not attempted the cry-it-out method again after failed tries when she was younger and still needs help to fall asleep. At night, we ignore her cries thereby allowing her to self-settle. This is the only time she’s able to fall back asleep on her own. It’s not easy especially when you share the same room and can hear her every whimper but we comfort ourselves saying that this works better for everyone in the long run.  Thank goodness she still greets us with a smile in the morning.

flat out

I rush back home from work to make sure I spent the evening with suri. On some days, I feel pretty flat out and I’m sure every working or stay-at-home parents feel it too. It’s not easy juggling many hats and making time for everything, home, baby, family, work. We compromise, do the best we can and soldier on knowing that it’s all worth it when she looks up and smiles at you with those bright innocent eyes.

Sunday swim with Nae & the donut float

Suri took about 10 minutes to warm up in the pool with the ring around her neck – phew. I’ll recommend the little donut float for babies to start out with because it gives them freedom to bobble about and explore the water on their own time. Let’s see what happens when we dunk her under water the next swim. Thanks Janice for inviting us over!


my heart bled

the day I accidentally clipped her little finger.

It’s one of those parenting incidents that all mothers warn you about and sure enough, it happened to me. My heart sank when I pulled away the nail clipper and wondered why her little nail was still in tact…this was followed by a minute of stunned silence and many horrifying minutes of wailing and innocent tears. it was gut wrenching and I felt like shit 😦

First aid tip: remember to apply pressure ON TOP of the wound and not squeeze the fingertip otherwise you’ll be left wondering why the bleeding takes hours to stop.

<bad parenting milestone: 25 march 2012>

time away

I left for a work trip recently and this marked the first sleep away from Suri. I missed her much but it also felt SO good to enjoy a solid block of sleep after 6+ months.

posted up on facebook by hans with this caption “Mummy.. where were you this morning? Do you hear me? Why weren’t you there to wash my bum bum when I poo-ed?” 

maybe we can pack her along for the next trip.