I finally got off my arse and planned a surprise birthday party for Hansel after 5 years of being together. Yup. Set your expectations low and then pull off a hat trick that will buy you ‘credit’ for the next 5 years!

I’m so glad plans went smoothly thanks to my dad and mum for the decoy messages and friends who kept quiet even though Hans was calling out everyone to join him for a climbing session at OnSight. The birthday package rocked and was well worth it because it includes 3 hours of climb, equipment and instructors to assist. They organize kids birthday parties here too, perfect for little restless monkeys.

Suri had a grand time crawling around the mat while everyone hit the walls around her.

Angle & Cindy’s first time as spider women. Even my 7 & 5 year old nieces joined in the fun and kicked ass!

Thank you Mel for capturing all the fun moments!

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