Suri and the Gardens

We visited Gardens by the Bay with Suri and my Mother-in-law on a weekday in order to avoid the crowds and had a lovely wander about the cool, air-conditioned domes. It’s a tat artificial but hey would you rather the Government spend $1billion on another Integrated Resort or this?  It’s stroller and wheelchair friendly with lots of space for kids to go crazy and this is one place we’ll come back to visit again, especially when Suri can run about. If you’re planning the same, go grab the annual pass.

our little koala 

I felt and looked like the baobab tree when I was preggers with Suri.

2 responses

  1. We got the annual pass too – on Hansel’s advice. Lovely to stroll and take our time without feeling the pressure to finish seeing everything on a limited ticket.

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