teething problems

Suri’s first tooth (or 2) is cutting through the lower gums and this is causing her some discomfort. She has been drooling, biting her toys, biting her lower lip, refusing to eat..basically displaying many common teething signs. And though baby websites list numerous suggestions to relieve their pain, I feel more reassured by the advice from parent-friends. You know who you are xoxo 🙂

I can feel my milk tooth with my finger.

I can feel my milk tooth with my tongue. 

and it feels funny! (a smile before the whining begins)

back in the pool

Suri’s really taking to the water and flashes us the occasional smile while bobbing about like a little jellyfish. We want her to maintain a good association with swimming for now and can’t bear to dunk her under yet..

Suri let go one in the pool.. and all was good!

social saturday

Play date #1 – we started the morning with a visit from cute button Asher & his mum, Rachel who I’d never met until now even though we were ex-colleagues. Thanks for coming over 🙂 we should meet up again with Alvin who left that morning to collect a marketing award for omy.sg in LA – congratulations!

Play date #2  – Mark and Hans’s friendship go way back to ACS days. After bumping into Mark on numerous occasions (pre-baby), I finally met his wife Mel with their sweetheart Ashley and since discovered common ground with her. Can’t wait for Ashley to join Suri in the pool, I’m sure there will be many more baby swim dates ahead x

Play date #3 – This time for adults only with the hilarious, outrageous and completely politically incorrect Russell Peters. Thanks to Randall and Melody, we met and exchange a couple of words with him .. and hope that we won’t be used as material in his future shows. “Ching as in Ka-Ching? Hansel, a German name for a Chinese?”

milk feeds

we dread feeding suri because it takes an hour to complete her milk. she needs many mini-breaks throughout the feed and cries when she’s not ready to continue. ugh. It can be very frustrating and we really envy babies who guzzle their milk down with no fuss. any feeding tips are welcomed!

bunny & co

I’m not sure if it’s motherhood that made me more aware of friends with babies this year or if its because 2012 is the Dragon year. This means more play dates for our year-of-the-bunny Suri and gives me more reason to keep in touch with old and new parent-friends. Congratulations to all of you new mummies and daddies 🙂