snip snip snip

Never thought I’d get sentimental about Suri’s first hair cut but here I was, snapping photos of her trimmed fine hair that had fallen onto the ground. GOOD GRIEF CHING GET A GRIP. Anyway. We opted to trim her fringe at home and Hans was tasked with the scissors because I couldn’t bear to snip and slip up. So now her fringe is slightly shorter but just as spunky as she is.

before shot – morning bed hair 

After her fringe trim – she had to mess it up a little


2 responses

  1. thaddeus had his first trim at his full-month. supposed to be one of the traditions? so my mum did the snipping – just a lil’ for 意思 and we kept those hair in a red packet. 🙂

    • Never knew about the trimming tradition for her “man yue”! then again, we’re out of touch some traditions because we don’t really follow them 😛

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