milk feeds

we dread feeding suri because it takes an hour to complete her milk. she needs many mini-breaks throughout the feed and cries when she’s not ready to continue. ugh. It can be very frustrating and we really envy babies who guzzle their milk down with no fuss. any feeding tips are welcomed!

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  1. C is not the fastest drinker too. He is kinda in the middle I guess – not very slow, but not very fast either. More of an erratic drinker.

    He is extremely impatient though when he wants his milk. He doesn’t “reserve” the most frantic cries for when he is really hungry; he cries frantically at the very first sign of hunger. All.The.Time. This sometimes results in him drinking too fast and chucking EVERYTHING out, onto me, himself, the sofa, the carpet, floor, etc.

    Does Suri burp during the mini-breaks? I find that when C refuses milk but is still wide-eyed (vs the more blur full-of-milk stage), he is often looking to burp.

    • Yes, S stops feeding because she needs to burp. I think C is still adjusting to his feeding schedule. Suri used to express herself the same way too with a frantic cry that begs for one to drop everything they’re doing to serve her. Read your blog post – she also reacted the same way to when we placed the milk bib on her and understood it signaled ‘milk on the way’. Once Suri fell into the rhythm of things after 16 weeks (aka her 4th trimester), she lost that desperate cry.

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