suri & lukie at the zoo

we’ve been meaning to bring suri to the zoo so when our running buddies B & T whatsapped us to join Lukie on sunday morning, we said yes! (provided Hans finished his assignment)

o look at the big spotty cat

sophie the giraffe comes to life

friends asked if Suri enjoyed the zoo and all I can say is that she probably saw a lot of legs and bushes from her vintage point in the pram. I’m sure she’ll recognise the animals as she gets older 🙂 As for us, we had fun trooping around like kids and we can’t wait for an excuse to splash around at the awesome water park.

sadly, these pics were taken with my iPhone. we brought our DSLR but spent most of our time looking at the animals.

the not-so-angry bird

She went from this – angry bird side profile

to this, friendly-bird, after 6 months. sticking her tongue out is a new thing, as though she wants to have a taste of the air.

It seems like an easy transition from these happy, silent pictures but oh boy, it was a tough journey especially during the first 3-4 months when Suri was extremely feisty, took forever to feed and cried a lot. Told “it will get better!!” after 3 months repeatedly by well-meaning parents/friends, we waited for the magic flip to switch but nada so we decided to stop putting a timeline to any sort of progress or milestones because babies will develop in their own time and its easier not to fret over benchmarks. I’m glad and very much relieved to share that her temperament changed for the better and calmer after 16 weeks, or as some  baby experts say ‘after her fourth trimester’ of adjustment to our crazy world.

the unhappy camper expression for most of the initial months (age: 3-4 months, CNY Jan 12)


bangsai face

Suri started to poo regularly since the introduction of puree. However she is going through a bad bout of constipation now and I’m sure you know how uncomfortable that feels, even more so for an infant who doesn’t understand what’s going on. I’m not sure if its a particular veg or the recent introduction of pork broth that is causing this or whether it is due to the up-size portions we’re giving her now. Pear puree is supposed to help (you can try it too) so we’ve adjusted her meal plan and hope this will bring her some relief soon.

suri’s schedule

We printed out Suri’s schedule for our mums to refer to when they look after her – THANK YOU! MUMS ARE BEST (DADS TOO). I won’t go into details about which method we followed as it was a mash-up of approaches. All I’ll say is, there’s no harm in reading different guides to increase your understanding of what your little bub is going through. Do allow room for flexibility and changes that are “age appropriate”. And if anything, blame it on “growth spurts”, “teething” and “she takes after you“.

Thank you EJaq for the mobile zoo 🙂 These are the first toys Suri greets in the morning as we make our way into the living room for breakfast.