Suri’s first swim – 24 March 2012, 5 months 17 days

I’d spent the entire week planning for this swim, and the entire pregnancy looking forward to this day. I’ve been swimming throughout my pregnancy, in hope that Suri will enjoy the water like we do. I bugged Hans to get the waterproof camera back from a friend, SMSed him while at work to check if we have a air pump for her float, planned out the logistics right down to the time of departure and window of opportunity (between her nap & her feed).

Suri was a  bit apprehensive and I’m attributing it to the cool temperature of the late morning water (tip: a colleague suggested venturing into the pool later in the day, after the sun has warmed up the waters). However she soon got used to the blue lagoon and looked more settled in. phew.

I can’t wait for the next dip with her.

my dear friend maye-e & nelly

we bumped into each other at our local kopitiam one evening and though I was in my first tri then, I couldn’t help but to share the news with her. She looked at me, shell-shocked, and admitted that she too was expecting. I couldn’t have been happier to have Maye-e for company and support along this ‘bumpy’ journey.

Suri and Nelly, both oct babies were born 10 days apart xoxo.

us at 8 months (I think) and us with our 1 month old bubs

Toro & Suri

Toro was really curious about Suri, the little bundle that makes a lot of odd noises. He was our baby of the house and often looked puzzled. T must have been wondering why all the attention was now directed to this creature that pees and poops more than he does. It took him some time to adjust to Suri’s presence and kept whining whenever she cried, a shout out for attention perhaps or a joint call of sympathy.

He kept jumping up to get a whiff of her.